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Helping hands from the Netherlands

Unselfish efforts by Out of Area

Little is known about the passionate, unselfish, yet immense contribution by the Out of Area Foundation from the Netherlands to the Kid's Festival in Sarajevo. This organization, with its hundreds of volunteers, has been helping to make this festival happen for more than 10 years.


Stories from the Meadows

'Life with Down Sydrome' theater

Ambassador Kraak attended and opened the theater show "Stories from the meadows", performed by members of the association "Life with Down Syndrome" in Sarajevo last week. The embassy supported this project, believing in the importance of inclusion and support of development of children with Down syndrome.


Netherlands Embassy in Sarajevo

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August 21, 2014 Leonard Retel Helmrich, a successful Dutch documentary filmmaker is at the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival as a mentor of the Docu Rough Cut Boutique. At the Sarajevo Talent Campus he gave a master class about Single Shot Cinema, a technique which the filmmaker has invented.

August 7, 2014 On August 6 the government of the Netherlands has decided that, in light of the current conditions in Eastern Ukraine, continuing the repatriation mission is no longer useful. The mission was aimed at bringing the residual remains and personal belongings of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash back to the Netherlands.