Netherlands Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Exhibition "Srebrenica genocide - the failure of the international community" opened in Potocari

The museum and permanent exhibition "Srebrenica genocide - the failure of the international community", which is part of the common and continuous efforts to preserve the memory of the victims of the Srebrenica genocide, was opened on Thursday 9 February at the Potocari Memorial Centre. The museum was opened by representatives of the PMC, Dutch peace organisation PAX, memorial center Westerbork and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

The "Srebrenica genocide - the failure of the international community" is the story of the genocide in Srebrenica, its origins, occurrence and consequences. Experts from Kamp Westerbork memorial center in the Netherlands, together with Potocari Memorial Center developed an exhibition in 27 different rooms where the former command of the UNPROFOR Dutchbat battalion was located. The exhibition speaks about the events in Srebrenica in the period 1993 – 1995, and the failure of the international community to prevent the genocide from happening.
The exhibition is tailored to the partially renovated building of the former command of the Dutch UNPROFOR battalion and forms a part of a broader program funded by the Dutch Embassy in BiH.
"The exhibition tells about the genocide and the prisoners who were held here, while more than 2,000 of them are still not found. I thank the individuals from the battalion who participated in making the exhibition. I would like to conclude my address with promise that this exhibition is not the end and that we will continue our dialogue in the Netherlands and continue working with the Memorial Center Potocari, "said Camp Westerbork director Dirk Mulder.
Ambassador of the Netherlands in BiH Jurriaan Kraak stated that the embassy provided funds for project and its implementation and monitored it since September last year.
"We all knew that we encounter complications, however, preparedness and willingness
led to the fact that the project is implemented. We must all realize that a lot of organizations and people participated in the project and I am grateful for the generosity of a group of people who agreed to tell their stories”.

The opening was attended by Ms. Daphne Bergsma, Europe director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.